We Specialize in Custom Logo Design

A logo is many times a company's first impression on customers. Because of the importance of that initial message, your company's visual identity should be as unique and as hardworking as your business. The Darkside Advertising gives your company immediate recognizition and lasting visual representation. We provide an image that represents your business's goals and attitude and belongs to you royalty free.

Our innovative designs and logos are developed by getting to know the businesses they represent. Darkside Advertising's award-winning graphic professionals are ready to link your business to it's new customized ID in the marketing world.

Premier Logo Design Process

Our Premier Logo Design Package is a four stage process that in the end produces your truly unique company identity. Here's how it works:

Stage 1 - Initial Sketches and Concepts
In the beginning we learn about you, your business and the direction you want to go. With this knowledge, paper and pencil ideas begin to form. With your extensive knowledge of your business and our effective creativity, several options for your new visual ID are created. Between 20 to 30 sketches are developed each one exploring just what your perfect logo will be.

Stage 2 - Advanced/Computerized Concepts
Together, we select the 2 or 3 options that take us in the direction you want to go. Now you get to sit back while graphic professionals turn the ideas and sketches into clean, digital representations of your future logo. Concepts are now realities, and your graphic identity is emerging.

Stage 3 - Fine Tuning
Now we discuss and analyze as you determine the best of the best. Then we perform meticulous graphic magic. Assuring correct fonts, selecting the exact colors, and perfecting the artwork so the your logo is ready to meet the public.

Stage 4 - Logo Sets & Guide
After the logo is final and ready to roll out, We build the complete logo set. Your logo is built in a variety of digital formats for a multitude of applications. We also build a logo guide for future reference.

What makes your logo special:

  • A truly custom logo that voices your companies unique image
  • It is 100% yours (No royalties/licensing)
  • Logo guide listing fonts and colors used (the exact recipe for your image)
  • Complete logo set in various digital formats (AI/EPS/PDF/JPG/PNG)
  • A professional creative team for all your other advertising needs

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